Tom Browne Got A Hold Of The Rules Handbook For WAGs In The Quarantine Hubs

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Hot Breakfast chief footy reporter Tom Browne got a hold of a copy of the handbooks setting out rules for WAGs who have gone up to quarantine hubs with their families.


“The foreword is written by Gil McLachlan, it provides an overview of what the HPC (High Performance Centre) is,” Browne said

“It’s a hotel or resort solely dedicated for the AFL to enable the control of external people entering the facility that includes accomodation, training and the grounds.

“It’s an environment designed to support the wellbeing of players, but this is the interesting bit: what a HPC is not.

“It’s not a family holiday experience with the ability to move freely in the community, it’s not an environment that replicates your normal home living arrangement, and it’s not the same liberties afforded to local communities as part of the state’s current covid restrictions even once — it says in big red letters — once the initial 14 day quarantine day has concluded, strict adherence to the protocols is required akin to stage three government restrictions.”

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Browne said the 14 page document made quite clear that theme parks and grooming appointments were off the agenda, meaning that the sanctions for Carlton and Richmond may be severe.

“There’s a big picture of a rollercoaster… that has a big cross next to it,” he said.

“There’s a picture of a restaurant on the water that again has a big red cross next to it.”

The guidebook also outlined the only reasons to leave the HPC.

“It’s very, very clear the reasons don’t include, obviously… you can’t for example on that go to a beauty salon,” Browne said.

“You can’t go to a day spa, and you can’t go to Disney World.”

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30 July 2020

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