Tom Rockliff On Life In The AFL Hubs

The Rush Hour With Bernie And Jars

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Nothing can stop Tommy Rockliff! Not even slight Triple M tech issues...

Rockliff manages to simultaneously shine some light on what life is like inside the AFL Hub and stir up Bern.

Port Adelaide have absolutely dominated this season but are they prepared for their biggest test this weekend against West Coast?

Rockliff went on to speak about how much longer the club would remain in the Hub; “I think after the two games fixtured we’ll come home after that I think the AFL will realise a draw over the weekend… we’d love to get back to ADL Oval and get the crowd in to see a couple of wins”.

Following Duursma's injury Rockliff stated “I think it’s a bit more positive than what everyone initially thought and how it looked. Probably a 3 to 4 weeker which pretty positive”.

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24 June 2020

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