Tom Rockliff On Why Peter Ladhams Left Port Adelaide

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Ex-Brisbane and Port Adelaide midfielder Tom Rockliff joined The Bump SA podcast this week and explained why Peter Ladhams left the Power.


"I think they had a pretty honest conversation with Pete (Ladhams) at the end of the season, and just put a few things on the table and he didn’t necessarily like those conversations and the way they headed," Rocky said.

He said that the club had asked Ladhams for some off-field improvements.

"I think they just asked him to be a little bit more professional off the field, put time into his game and make sure he’s doing all his extras and ticking all the boxes," Rocky said.

"And we know that everyone develops at different stages and the penny will drop for different players at different times."

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Rocky, Roo, Ditts and Rhett Biglands also discussed the Jordan Dawson trade, getting traded themselves, free agency and more.


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15 October 2021

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