Tony Jones Has Cracked It Over Being Called Chompers!

Uncle Chomp-Chomp is FED UP!

AFL News

7 December 2016

AFL News

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Speaking on the Saturday Rub today, Danny Frawley has revealed that Channel 9’s Tony Joneshas CRACKED IT over being called Chompers.

The nickname has gone out of control in the last couple of months, with a string of footy players running the Chompers call on the news ahead of the Footy Show on a Wednesday or Thursday.

We made a handy Chomp-ilation during the week to show off the players’ hilarious work:

Spud says that after the brilliant Drew Petrie “chompity chomp chomp chomp” call, old Chompers Jones has completely had enough of it.

“After Drew Petrie did it on Wednesday, Tony Jones has thrown the toys out of the cot, got to the producer and said ‘do not text the players now to say see ya later Chomp’,” Spud said.

“I called him on the way in to get him on today and he’s said ‘Nup, I’m done’”.

Spud has called for players to continue the Chompening.

“I’m imploring every player that goes on the Thursday night Footy Show and they do a live cross with Chompers, give it to him large, cause he doesn’t like it now!”

Listen to Spud talking about Tony Jones hating the Chompers nickname here:


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