Toowoomba Drivers Need Road Rule Refresh


17 September 2017

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Toowoomba drivers are among some of the worst at giving way, with the city named in the top 10 Queensland locations where a merging crash is most likely.
RACQ insurance claims data has revealed Toowoomba rated number two and was one of only two locations outside of south east Queensland which made the list.   
RACQ spokesperson Kirsty Clinton said Toowoomba produced 177 insurance claims for crashes caused by poor merging in the past five years. 

“It may be time for Toowoomba residents to brush up on the road rules. Concerningly, we have been seeing these types of crashes increase year-on-year since 2012,” Ms Clinton said.

“There are two types of give way rules when merging which may be why some people are crashing.

“On roads where there are lanes marked on the road, the driver changing lanes must give way to traffic. However, if there are no markings when the lanes merge it’s a case of giving way to the vehicle in front.”

Top 10 suburbs for ‘bad merging’ according to RACQ insurance claims (July 2012 – August 2017):

  1. Brisbane City
  2. Toowoomba
  3. Fortitude Valley
  4. Southport
  5. Mt Gravatt
  6. Woolloongabba
  7. Rockhampton
  8. Chermside
  9. Eight Mile Plains
  10. Toowong



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