Toowoomba Police Host ‘Summer Corroboree’

Dancing, good will and laughter

4 December 2017

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This year has been a big year for First Nations people and police relations.

On Wednesday, November 29, Darling Downs District hosted ‘Summer Corroboree’ celebrations.  While there wasn’t much summer in sight it didn’t stop the dancing, great connections, good will and laughter.

After short speeches by Inspector Steve Perkins, Mayor Paul Antonio and Superintendent Eddie Lacko of the Fire Service, Alan Martin did a ‘smoking’ ceremony to cleanse and bless the place and people, then it was inside to see a brilliant performance by the Galamaay Dance Troupe.


Image Supplied:  QPS / Alan Martin ‘smoking’ ceremony 
Image Supplied: QPS / Galamaay Dance Troupe
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