Top 10 Cold Remedies

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12 June 2019

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Triple M Listeners


The Top 10 Cold Remedies from our Triple M Listeners


1/ Cut a red onion into quarters, place onto a plate then put on the bedside table while you sleep. Onions will absorb odours and help you not to reabsorb your germs.

2/ My Dad's remedy is Hot tea, lemon, honey and a good dash of brandy. Hop into bed and sweat it out. Works a treat.

3/ Hot drink every morning: Lemon juice, a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, honey and hot water

4/ Dimetapp Day night. And tea with lemon and honey.

5/ Drink lots of clear fluids with some sort of vitamins / minerals to give you energy, and Vicks around the nostrils!

6/ Vicks under your nose as well as on soles of feet and chest. Lots of tea with honey. Honey helps drain sinuses and coats your throat which makes it less irritated. Extra vitamin C where you can!

7/ Vicks on ya feet and chest / Wear socks to 🛌

8/ Lemsip instead of tea or coffee. Butter menthols under your tongue when you go to bed

9/ Half an onion into a cup of hot milk and drink it. Next morning the cold will be gone. An old Irish remedy that works.

10/ Go to a Pharmacy that stocks Bioceuticals products (practitioner range behind the counter). Buy Armaforce. It has great ingredients in it to boost the immune system and reduce the duration of the colds. It’s what a lot of health professionals use to fight off any colds etc.

Tell us in the comments what your go-to cold remedy is!

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