Top Reasons People Are Jealous Of Tradies

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Raise your hand if you've ever had a tradie come around for a job, they've made it look so easy, and you wish you could have done it yourself.

With the never ceasing popularity of TV renovation shows as well, the guys at tradie website Service Seeking had a hunch we were all feeling skill envy. So they asked the question of 1700 Aussies - what DIY jobs do you wish you could do entirely by yourself?

  • 24% want to be able to re-tile their own bathroom.
  • 21% wish they could install cabinetry.
  • 19% would like to build a deck.

Now those are some pretty big tasks, not even the contestants on reality TV can pull off these by themselves, but the shows make it look so easy. There's a good chance too many of us have been burned by the false sense of ease at which TV shows bang tiles on walls and nail decks together.

The top 3 reasons why we hate DIY are self explanatory:

  • 40% of us say our projects don't turn out the way we picture it.
  • 36% say DIY is too time consuming.
  • and 19% of us complain DIY was physically exhausting.

Finally, just because we can do a DIY job, doesn't mean we like to. The last figure from the survey won't come as a surprise - the most hated DIY job, by 40% of Aussies... unclogging your toilet. Plunge away.

James Lake

12 October 2017

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James Lake

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