Top Seven Ways To Be A Footy Tipping Pro

Triple M Footy Tipping winner tells all.

28 February 2017

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The NRL season is just around the corner… which means Triple M’s Footy Tipping is back!

2015's Triple M Footy Tipping winner, Ray tells us how to get off to a flying start in this year’s Footy Tipping.

How To Be A Footy Tipping Pro

1. Read as much information as possible on NRL.
2. Watch as many games as possible.
3. Check all the teams players every week.
4. Wait until late in the week in case of team changes.
5. If you have a favourite team never let it get in your way when making selections, only exception would be when you can’t split the 2 teams then go with your favourite team.
6. Take each game on its merit and never have any preconceptions.
7. Sometimes you might just have a feeling.

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