Anti Social Crackdown

Tougher penalties earmarked

30 January 2018

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The City of Kalgoorlie Boulder last night earmaked some tough action against Anti Social Behaviour within Kalgoorlie Boulder in particular both Kalgoorlie and Boulder Central Business District.

Penalties will be increased, the immediate appointment of two dedicated rangers/security personnel and the addition of new offences form part of the tougher stance from Council - under some of the toughest that can be administered under the Local Government Act. 

New Offences that are part of the new act proposed by Council include

  • Annoy, molest, or obstruct any other person in or on a public place
  • defecate or urinate in or on a public place except in a toilet or urinal in a public convenience
  • commit an indecent or offensive act in or on a public place
  • use any threatening, abusive or insulting words in or on a public place
  • destroy, damage, alter, mark, deface or remove any property or thing in or on a public place
  • solicit money from member of the public
  • place or cause to be placed any furniture in or on a public place

The process now as earmarked by council is to seek minister approval and also community feedback regarding the changes. 

The whole process - if approved could take " a few months" according to Mayor John Bowler - hear his chat with Glenney below. 

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