3,000 special kids and their families celebrate Christmas together

creating memories that last forever

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Special Children's Christmas Party Townsville

Earlier today, Saturday 7th December nearly three thousand special kids and their families gathered at the Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre to celebrate Christmas in style! 

The Special Children's Christmas Party is supported entirely by local businesses and volunteers. The event is an invitation only event with invites going to local schools, hospitals, clinics and support services including charities, community groups and other professional carers to be distributed among special kids and their whole families. In some cases, they even have 3 generations attend - it is beautiful!  

Everything at the event like food, drinks, ice cream, rides, activities, entertainment and presents are all provided at no cost to the families who attend. 

“The Party gives these families a short break from their day-to-day, and gives them memories of their children at a
Christmas party with lots of other children, and of their family laughing and having fun together, relaxed and revived.Unfortunately this party is often the only party that these special children are invited to.” says organiser Annemarie

She praised the generosity of the local businesses supporting the party (many of whom do so every year) and
emphasised that, although the party itself lasts only a few hours, for the children and their families the memories last

“Sometimes we don’t know how to help. We want to but we don’t know how. These businesses have chosen to lend a
hand to local families by supporting the Special Children’s Christmas Party. Because sometimes it’s enough just to give
someone a time to be happy.” 

If you want to get involved in helping out for the Special Children's Christmas Party in 2020, For more information, please visit www.sccp.com.au, or our Facebook page (Special Children's Christmas Party Townsville).


7 December 2019

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