Townsville's Magpie Attack Hotspots Revealed


1 November 2017

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November in Townsville means the humidity is getting stronger than ever, the stinger nets are in, a cyclone could rock up at any time, and we're too scared to venture outdoors because of the dreaded Magpie attacks. 

We're in the thick of Magpie attack season, and the locations of attack hotspots in Townsville have been revealed. 

So far this year Strand Park, Hermit Park, and Kirwan have been identified in the group of locations were swooping has been noted. 

Walkways off Manersley Place in Annandale have recorded attacks, and parts of Aitkenvale have also made the list. 

An attack on Sanctuary Drive in Idalia has even been listed as having ended in injury! 

See the interactive map here

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