Esperance Toy Run this SATURDAY!

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Christmas is a time of year for families and the community to come together and share in the good feelings of the season.

It’s a time of feasts, gifts and good cheer. Sadly, not every family can afford to shower their children with presents or put food on the table. The Esperance Community Toy Run however, are helping out families across Esperance who are less-fortunate by providing food and toys for Christmas!

Bikers and drivers a-like are congregating on Saturday morning at the Esperance Bay Turf around 9am this Saturday with toys and food hampers at hand, before they drive around a large loop of Esperance, delivering their goods to families that would have otherwise gone without this festive season.

After the drive all the participants will meet at Florrison’s Furniture on Norseman Road for a sausage sizzle.

The experience is incredibly rewards for everyone involved, with the smiles on the kids’ faces as the presents are delivered being the best gift of all!

Special thanks to Slim from Mates 4 Mates and Ben at Restore Hope who have been the driving force behind this charity event. Florrison’s for providing a dropping point for the presents, Bunnings, Book Box, the Dome, both Pink Lake and Duncs IGA, Toy World and the Toy Station, each for their contributions and for helping out! (I know I have missed people out here but thanks EVERYONE who has been involved, you know who you are).

It’s not too late to drop off a present for the cause! And not too late to partake in the activities this Saturday!

10 December 2018

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