Traffic Slowed To A 5km Crawl On The M4 This Morning

Was your commute impacted?

Troy Nankervis

15 August 2017

Troy Nankervis

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Official data has revealed the disastrous run on Sydney's M4 this morning saw traffic in some parts of the newly-opened tollway slow to a 5km per hour crawl.

According to Transport for NSW, the most "pressured part of the network" was the western end of Parramatta Road, where travel times were up by 20% in both directions.

As for the intersection causing the most headaches for commuters? Well, that was in Parramatta at Woodville Road and Church Street, where northbound traffic crawled along with queues of 3 to 4 kilometres.

A truck and car crash on Woodville Road northbound was also responsible for causing delays.

A Sydney Coordination Office spokesperson reassured motorists that traffic flow monitoring alongside adjustments to where appropriate will help to "keep Sydney moving". 

"While the arterial road network is coping, we would expect motorists to experience more congestion on those routes at this stage, and we are pulling out all the stops to help traffic run smoothly as motorists adjust to the changes," they said in a statement.

"On top of regular traffic management activities, we have dedicated monitoring and additional resources to monitor pinch points, manage traffic signals and respond to incidents."

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