Trail Development Explores New Paths

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GSCORE recently hosted the 2019 Great Southern Trail Forum in Albany. Around 100 people gathered to discuss this year’s theme: Trails are for everyone: Building community resilience through trail development.

Forum host, GSCORE Executive Director Dr Lenore Lyons said they wanted to explore how trails can potentially be used in tandem with programs for wellness and inclusion in groups. 

“With the continued emphasis on improved well-being we explored how trails can be used to tackle social disadvantage and build resilience in communities and groups who aren’t considered typical users

Using trails is great for your physical body but we also want them to be part of the wellness prescription for people needing mental health support.” said Dr. Lyons.

Through presentations and a workshop, the group explored how to use trails to build stronger and healthier communities by asking questions like: How do we ensure trail building projects deliver strong social and health benefits to residents? How do we ensure trail development is inclusive? How can we use trails to tackle social disadvantage?

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13 August 2019

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