Transperth hits back at claims commuters feel unsafe

Would you catch a train at night?

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A Productivity Commission report has found one in four West Aussies feel unsafe catching buses and trains at night. 

The data shows us as the second worst in the nation, behind Victoria where nearly 30 per cent of passengers reported feeling unsafe on public transport at night.

But the Perth Transport Authority suspects the figures are skewed, saying their investigations found most commuters do feel safe. 

Transperth's David Hynes said, "Our numbers tell us 87 per cent of people feel safe on buses at night, and about 85 per cent feel safe on trains."

It follows the launch of an ad campaign, worth more than $1million, by the McGowan Government to entice people to catch buses and trains. 

"We have the best safety system in the country, the best CCTV, the safety buttons on stations, and particularly our transit officers. There are two transit officers on every train after 7pm. We're investing pretty heavily to make sure it is safe, and it's working," Mr Hynes said. 

The Productivity Commission report is based on a survey of almost 3000 West Australians, and shows 24.4 per cent feel unsafe on buses and trains at night, while only 5.5 per cent feel unsafe during the day.

Transperth is now asking commuters to give public transport a fair go.

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Written by: @jordanpieterse

31 January 2019

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