Travis Cloke Opens Up On How Social Media Affected His Mental Health During His Playing Days

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Ex Pie and Bulldog Travis Cloke opened up on the role social media played with affecting mental health on the Hot Breakfast this morning.


“It took over your life… you’re looking for other people’s opinions that probably don’t matter but you probably take them on more than you actually do care,” Cloke said.

“Realistically I should have actually been listening to Mick [Malthouse] or Bucks (Nathan Buckley), my coaches, and yourself Ed.

“You’re jumping on Twitter or social media, you’re reading comments from 10 year old kids that are potting you or 40 or 50 year old guys that are sitting there having a beer, these things, and you do take them to heart.

“That was where I really realised like ‘gee, this is not good, I need to stop this space and try to break it, but sometimes it’s a lot easier to actually say than do.”

Cloke said he hasn’t changed his social media sharing habits because of trolls, however.

“I try not to read comments or follow things up too much,” he said.

“I still pop and share things of my life with people because I still feel that’s acceptable, and why should I not share that just because there’s that one or two negative person, but at the same time [I’m] very conscious about what I put on.

“And even now, making sure the spelling or terminology is very correct because someone takes the message the wrong way, and I guess I’ve got a pretty supportive wife who is very good in that space.”

Cloke also had some advice for parents when it comes to their childrens’ social media habits.

“Social media’s so important, and I’m not gonna tell kids to get off it completely, because that’s I think naive and pretty silly,” Cloke said.

“But it’s all about moderation, use it when you can, and also like, a good sleep hygiene.

“Now obviously our phone blue light, tell your kids put it down an hour before bed so you can switch off and get a good night’s sleep, ready and rested for the next day.”

Cloke also spoke about how he came to be on Dancing With The Stars on the Hot Breakfast.


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Rudi Edsall

13 February 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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