Travis Varcoe Explains The Symbolism Of Collingwood’s Indigenous Guernsey

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Collingwood running back Travis Varcoe has explained the significance of the Pies Indigenous guernsey for Sir Doug Nicholls Round on the Hot Breakfast this morning.


“It was designed by my sister-in-law Leanne, so the inner circle’s just the playing group, and there’s a circle of dots around that, so that’s like your every day people that help run the club,” Varcoe said.

“It makes our job a lot easier, and on the outside of that is your friends and family that go through the good times and bad times with you.

“Probably you see them a lot more once you leave the club, so it was really great to get that in, and on the outer part of that is the community and the fans.

“It was really great to get all those elements together and pulled it into one, and then it was obviously inspired by late sister (Maggie).

“The way the club and the footy world wrapped their arms around me was unbelievable, so to actually get all that in a visual sense and put on to our jumper, obviously I can’t wear it this week which is unfortunate, but we are wearing it the following week… hopefully I can get back out there.”

Trav also discussed what Sir Doug Nicholls round means to him and other Indigenous players and more.


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Rudi Edsall

23 May 2019

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Rudi Edsall

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