TRC Hopeful of State and Federal Funding Support for James Street Flood Mitigation Works

Seven years on for Jan 10 floods

10 January 2018

Article heading image for TRC Hopeful of State and Federal Funding Support for James Street Flood Mitigation Works

Toowoomba Region Mayor Paul Antonio is hopeful Council’s ongoing lobbying for state and federal funding to upgrade drainage at James Street on East and West Creeks will be realised in the short term.

Mayor Antonio said yesterday’s (January 10) seventh anniversary of the region’s floods was an opportune time to again call on State and Federal Governments to honour their pledges to complete these vital flood mitigation projects.

“Council listed these projects as our top priority in our State Election submission which was presented to all candidates in the electorates of Toowoomba South and Toowoomba North before last November’s Queensland election,” Mayor Antonio said.

“Representatives from the higher levels of government in Brisbane and Canberra and opposition members have visited the creek crossings at James Street and are aware of how these projects complement Council’s own extensive flood mitigation work.

“Council has completed detention basins and channel works for various sections of East and West Creeks to improve flood mitigation upstream of the CBD.

“The next step is the upgrade of culverts at East and West Creeks on James Street, which is part of the Warrego Highway.

“An increase in drainage capacity at James Street will provide better protection for our residents and road users, civil infrastructure, and private property.

“The proposed culvert upgrades are key elements in Council’s Gowrie Creek Catchment Flood Mitigation program.”

Council wants to see the culverts upgraded to a nominal Q100 immunity. This option would also reduce the number of properties within the flood extent for one-in-100-year events as well as reducing the flood extents adjacent to the Horton and Prescott Street properties.

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