Triple M's Realistic New Year's Resolutions

Some achievable goals for the new year

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It's New Years Day, and while you're probably nursing a hangover from celebrating the new year, don't fall in to the trap of setting yourself unrealistic new year's resolutions.

Some of the most popular resolutions of 2017 were to 'get fit', 'save money' and 'travel more'.

Sure, they seem fine on face value, but they're very vague. How do you know when you've achieved them?

So, to help you out with your resolutions for 2018, we've put together some (very easy) to achieve goals.

10. Eat healthier (i.e. eat at least half the salad you're given with your steak and chips at the pub)

9. Travel more (i.e. head to an interstate footy game this season)

8. Learn an instrument (even if it's a couple of notes to Stairway To Heaven on the axe, it'll be impressive)

7. Talk more to your loved ones (i.e. tell your kids and/or partner about that time you made a 50 in C-Grade cricket more often) 

6. Watch a movie in a foreign language (we hear there's a couple of good ones on SBS late at night)

5. Take up surfing (or at least post a photo of you holding a surf board on social media to impress people)

4. Get fitter (maybe use the gym membership you bought last year twice instead of the one time you were planning?)

3. Try some international cuisine (why not grab a Mexican Parma instead?)

2. Spend more time with your kids (they're basically miniature clones of you)

1. Listen to more Triple M (it's the home for rock, sport and comedy after all...)

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Ryan Warren

2 December 2022

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Ryan Warren

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