Embley On Darling: "It's The Not Knowing That's Killing It"

Andrew Embley gives his take

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West Coast Eagles Star, Jack Darling, continues to bring the tension in regards to his vaccination status for the upcoming AFL season. 92.9 Triple M's Rush Hour host and former West Coast Eagle, Andrew Embley, revealed everything he knows so far. 

"The club is being very respectful of Jack's decision but at the same time they're starting to get quite frustrated."

Upon speculation, Jack Darling was assumed to receive the Novavax vaccine, but is reportedly yet to to have it. With a board meeting scheduled for tonight at the West Coast Eagles, there is no doubt that Darling will feature heavily in discussions. 

"It's the not knowing that's killing it."

Yesterday, West Coast player and teammate of Darling, Dom Sheed, admitted that Jack is hard to replace but can't help but be disappointed in his choice to not get vaccinated.

"It's hard to support his decision but we support him as an individual."

Carrying a salary of approximately $800K, West Coast are being respectful of Darling but are determined to get answers.

"West Coast very frustrated at the moment."


Madi Reid

23 February 2022

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Madi Reid

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