Troubling Survey Results Reveal Low Vaccination Rate For Aviation Staff

"This survey should ring alarm bells"

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There is concern for airport workers after a recent union survey found that only one third of  the aviation sector are fully vaccinated.

The survey was comprised of close to 800 cabin crew, cleaners, baggage handlers, pilots and ground crew, which revealed that only one third of the group had received both vaccine while 22 percent had received their first.

The survey which was conducted by the Transport Workers Union and the Virgin Independent Pilots Association, has presented massive concerns among the aviation sector considering the recent Covid outbreaks across Victoria and New South Wales.

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According to the survey, nearly three quarters of the cabin crew expressed they are uncomfortable flying into COVID hotspots, while at least 54 percent of ground crew and cleaning staff have expressed concerns over the cleaning of aircrafts which have travelled from hotspots.

Transport Workers Union National Secretary Michael Kaine said aviation staff are less willing to take time off work to receive their vaccinations due to a lack of flexibility from employers and loss of income.

“It has left it entirely up to workers to get themselves vaccinated, with many reporting difficulty in setting up appointments. Workers are also concerned about setting a date for vaccination and then work becoming available, forcing them to forgo pay," he said.

“This is the economic reality for aviation workers: after a year of being stood down on little money, with mounting bills it is difficult to take time out for vaccination and its possible side effects.”

Pressure is now being put back on the government, with unions asking Prime Minister Scott Morrison to place aviation staff on a priority list for vaccinations.

Secretary Kaine said Australians should be concerned that the most high risk locations in Australia are not being prioritised.

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Georgie Marr

14 July 2021

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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