Troy Cassar-Daley Set to Deliver 42 of His Greatest Hits

October release

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From “Dream Out Loud” to “Things I Carry Around” and everything in between – that’s what you will get when Troy Cassar-Daley releases his collection of Greatest Hits in October.

42 of Troy’s babies have made the cut on 'Troy Cassar-Daley Greatest Hits' which also includes two new songs; “Shadows On The Hill” and “Wouldn’t Change A Thing.’

 “I’m really proud of ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’ because I wanted to write something reflective about my life and others around,” Troy said in a statement. “Looking back over this collection of songs across my whole career I can reflect on the great times such as celebrating my first Golden Guitar or ARIA Award and in contrast the periods where I have doubted myself and my music, felt alone. But at the end of the day, I say to myself “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Troy Cassar-Daley released his very first single ‘Dream Out Loud’ in 1994 followed by his debut album ‘Beyond the Dancing’ which came out January 1995 and he’s been delivering some of the best Australian country music ever since.

Troy Cassar-Daley – Greatest Hits tracklist:

  1. Wouldn’t Change A Thing
    2. Proud Young Man
    3. Dream Out Loud
    4. End Of The Road
    5. Ramblin’ Man (feat. Tommy Emmanuel)
    6. Little Things
    7. Bar Room Roses
    8. Ladies In My Life
    9. The Biggest Disappointment (feat. Slim Dusty)
    10. True Believer
    11. They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Anymore
    12. Trains
    13. I Wanna Go Back
    14. V8 Town
    15. 40 Miles
    16. Born To Survive
    17. Long Way Home
    18. Wish I Was A Train (feat. Paul Kelly)
    19. Make The Most (Of Everyday With You)
    20. Yer So Bad
    21. River Boy (feat. Shane Howard)
    22. Lonesome But Free
    23. Going Back Home
    24. Get Away Car (feat. Kasey Chambers)
    25. Walking Away
    26. Everything’s Going To Be Alright
    27. Last Mile Home
    28. Bird On A Wire (feat. Jimmy Barnes)
    29. Big, Big Love
    30. Sing About This Country
    31. I Love This Place
    32. Chasin’ Rodeo
    33. Country Is
    34. Live and Learn
    35. Home
    36. Lights On The Hill (feat. Adam Harvey)
    37. Take A Walk In My Country
    38. Freedom Ride (feat. Paul Kelly)
    39. Another Australian Day
    40. Things I Carry Around
    41. Halfway Creek, Timber Cutting Man
    42. Shadows On The Hill

Greatest Hits available 19 October 2018 through Bloodlines

14 September 2018

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