TV Broadcaster Sandy Roberts Diagnosed With Incurable Blood Cancer

Hopes diagnosis will raise awareness

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David Caird

Legendary TV sports broadcaster Sandy Roberts has revealed he has the incurable blood cancer, myeloma.

Roberts, 73, who has called over 1,100 AFL games in his career, revealed to the Herald Sun he was diagnosed a year ago.

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Myeloma has the lowest survival rate of all blood cancers and forms from malignant plasma cells in the bone marrow.

The cancer causes a weakened immune system, bone deconstruction and reduced kidney function, and there is currently no knowledge on its cause or cure.


Roberts was diagnosed following a fall at his Melbourne home in May 2022, and is using his story to raise awareness for the cancer and to encourage people to donate to Myeloma Australia’s Tax Appeal. 

“I ended up in hospital and was told I didn’t have any broken bones or internal injuries, but that I did have cancer” Roberts told the Herald Sun.

“Just like that; we had no idea. If I hadn’t fallen, who knows what would have been the outcome.


“It was such a shock. I’d had open heart surgery three months earlier and came out of that feeling good.”

Around 20,000 Australians are living with myeloma, and Roberts has asked the public to “give generously to Myeloma Australia” to help support is trials around the world in the hope of finding a cure.

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Tricia Mifsud

15 May 2023

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Tricia Mifsud

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