Usain Bolt Rejects Central Coast Mariners Contract Offer

Mariners Farewell The Worlds Fastest Man

2 November 2018

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The hopes and dreams of Usain Bolt appearing in the A-League have now been crushed after Central Coast Mariners announced the deal could not be reached to keep the Jamaican superstar on The Central Coast.

The Mariners were pursuing a third-party sponsorship to heavily subsidise the wages of Bolt, whose initial asking price was understood to be $3 million, almost $2.9 million more than Central Coast's offer. The club held extensive talks with Bolt's manager, Ricky Simms, but could not reach an agreement.

Despite several promising potential partners, both Bolt & the Central Coast Mariners have amicably concluded that they will not be able to settle on a suitable deal in a timely manner.

Usain Bolt thanked the Central Coast Mariners for the opportunity to commence his football journey.

Having failed to agree to terms, Bolt's trial period with the Mariners comes to a complete halt as the world's fastest man leaves the club to pursue his aspiring football career elsewhere.

“For the Mariners, it’s been a pleasure to work with Usain as he pursued his desire to become a professional football player."

“This has been a mutually beneficial partnership that brought an increased level of excitement and attention to both the Mariners and the A-League."

"From day one, Usain dedicated himself to being part of the Mariners. He integrated very well into the team and made great strides as a footballer."

"I would like to thank the Central Coast Mariners owners, management, staff, players and fans for making me feel so welcome during my time there. I wish the club success for the season ahead,” Bolt said

Central Coast Mariners Owner, Mike Charlesworth thanked the eight-time Olympic gold medalist for his commitment to the Club.

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