Vaccination Efforts Ramping Up As Queensland Opens 18 Vaccination Hubs

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In an attempt to get all our frontline and aged care workers immunised by the end of the month, 18 vaccine hubs will open across Queensland on Saturday.

With already 15 existing testing sites in the state, there will be three new hubs opening at the Longan Entertainment Centre, The Springfield Tower and the Rocklea Showgrounds.

Authorities are hoping to administer around 15, 000 doses over the two days.

Queensland Vaccination Hubs:

People with bookings have been processed quite quickly.

However, other people who were unable to make a booking and turned up to the vaccination centers were left waiting for hours.

Anyone wanting to roll up their sleeves this weekend should be warned by Health Minister Evette Darth's stern message.

“I want to be clear. These sites are not for the general public, it is not open to walk-ins, this is open to the 40-49 year olds who have been registering – and our residential age care and disability workers who will get absolute priority over the weekend” she said.

Darth is using this weekend’s vaccination as a trial event to see if it can be replicated regularly in the future.

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4 June 2021

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