Variety Bash To Roll Into Town To Give Aussie Kids A Fair Go

100 crazily-themed cars!

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The Variety Bash Queensland kicks off for its 30th year on Wednesday, August 28 in Mackay, with over 100 crazily-themed cars and more than 300 colourful-costumed crew taking part in the 10 day, 3360km journey - all to raise funds to give more Aussie kids a fair go. 

Variety - the Children’s Charity is a not-for-profit organisation that empowers Aussie kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to reach their full potential. Variety helps kids in need to overcome whatever obstacles they face through grants of equipment, programs and experiences.

The variety Bash road trippers will visit local towns and will stop into schools and organisations to put smiles on kids' faces. 

Participants get to see the direct impact of their fundraising efforts, with educational, communication, health and mobility equipment presented to local kids, schools and organisations en route.

There are ALWAYS festivities along the way - themed nights, entertainment, awards and other activities and games on the itinerary. 

This year they’ll be travelling from Mackay to the Gold Coast, the long way around, finishing up on September 6 on the glittering Gold Coast.

The iconic Variety Bash is Australia’s largest and longest running charity motoring event, taking place annually in every state and territory, travelling every corner of our beautiful country. Since the inaugural event, originated by Dick Smith in 1985, the Variety Bash has raised over $230 million right around the country to give more Aussie kids a fair go.

Along with the assistance provided to families throughout the year and during the ten-day adventure, the Variety Bash can also inject circa $120,000 per town when it stops overnight along the route. These funds enable local community groups to do great work in improving town or school infrastructure or even initiating new local community projects.

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Amber Lowther

9 August 2019

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Amber Lowther

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