VB Wielding Aussie Bloke Shares His Opinion On The NSW-VIC Border Closures

WARNING: Contains bad language

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So, the Victorian borders have officially been locked down and even though it's for the good of the people, there are naturally a few people unhappy with the news. 

One guy in particular, gives the best interview we've seen since the barking dog guy... 


The interview starts out like any other, a channel nine reporter interviewing a local about the recent border closures, when the most occa looking bloke you could imagine, stumbles into the frame - VB in hand and gives us his two cents on the topic. 

After the reporter asks his original unsuspecting subject how he feels, old mate barges into the spotlight and confidently declares "Not very good." 

As the channel nine reporter stifles back laughter, our latest Aussie icon continues on... "I'm in lockdown, what do you reckon?!"

Our frustrated friend carries on, "...you try to lock me out of bloody Wodonga and Albury, how the hell am I supposed to get to Centrelink?" 

This entire interview is chaotic as hell and quite honestly, fits in with the whole 2020 vibe pretty damn perfectly. 

Not once does (let's call him Wodonga Warren) lower his VB as confused shoppers wander past and he continues his passionate tirade. 

The cameraman's giggles wrap the interview up nicely as Wodonga Warren storms off bellowing "...you tell THAT to channel nine - what are ya? Channel 7, 8, 10 12?" and with a wave of the hand, our hero is gone. 

Check out the full video in all its glory here... Quick disclaimer, it contains some colourful language. 

Wherever you are Wodonga Warren, we hope you made it to Centrelink okay.

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Georgie Marr

8 July 2020

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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