Club Captains Who Ended Up Joining Another Club

Tom Rockliff joins the group

13 October 2017

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With Tom Rockliff having joined Port Adelaide as a free agent this week, he joins an illustrious group of players who have gone to a new club after captaining their previous club.

Incredibly, he might not be on his own this post-season with Luke Hodge (Hawthorn) set to join the Brisbane Lions and Gary Ablett (Gold Coast) expected to join Geelong.

And if Jack Trengove (Melbourne) is thrown a lifeline, that would take the tally to four!


Club Captains Who Ended Up Joining Another Club

Alex Jesaulenko (Carlton) to St Kilda

Ron Barassi (Melbourne) to Carlton

Chris Judd (West Coast) to Carlton

Ben Cousins (West Coast) to Richmond

Des Tuddenham (Collingwood) to Essendon

Des Tuddenham (Essendon) to Collingwood

Sam Mitchell (Hawthorn) to West Coast

Doug Hawkins (Footscray) to Fitzroy

Luke Ball (St Kilda) to Collingwood

Leigh Colbert (Geelong) to North Melbourne

Paul Roos (Fitzroy) to Sydney

Jeff Hogg (Richmond) to Fitzroy

Ryan Griffen (Western Bulldogs) to GWS

Mark Williams (Collingwood) to Brisbane Bears

Steven King (Geelong) to St Kilda

Barry Davis (Essendon) to North Melbourne

Andrew Bews (Geelong) to Brisbane Bears

Mark Mickan (Brisbane Bears) to Adelaide

Jim Edmond (Footscray) to Sydney

Damian Bourke (Geelong) to Brisbane Bears

Richard Osborne (Fitzroy) to Sydney

Matt Rendell (Fitzroy) to Brisbane Bears

Bryan Wood (Richmond) to Essendon

Stan Alves (Melbourne) to North Melbourne

Doug Wade (Geelong) to North Melbourne

Les Foote (North Melbourne) to St Kilda

Dan Minogue (Collingwood) to Richmond

Dan Minogue (Richmond) to Hawthorn

Luke Hodge (Hawthorn) to Brisbane Lions*

Gary Ablett (Gold Coast) to Geelong**


*Hodge expected to join the Lions this trade period

**Ablett expected to join Geelong this trade period

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