The 99-Game Club

Crameri the latest addition?

25 October 2017

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If Stewart Crameri fails to earn a lifeline this post-season, he will join a select group of VFL/AFL players whose careers finished on 99 games. 

In 121 years of the league’s existence, only 20 players have fallen one game short of the century.

The most recent additions to the 99-game club were Carlton’s Brad Fisher and Geelong’s Mark Blake back in 2010.

Richmond ruckman Ray Hall is the only other player to finish up on 99 games since 2000.

Crameri was delisted by the Western Bulldogs on Wednesday. The 29-year-old played for Essendon for four seasons before joining the Doggies.


Players Whose Careers Ended On 99 Games

Jim Cowell 1902-09 (StK/Melb)

Bert Franks 1906-13 (SM)

Ted Brown 1911-20 (StK/Carl)

Tom Drummond 1916-26 (Coll/SM)

Bill Tymms 1922-33 (StK/Melb)

Bill Deague 1932-39 (Melb/Haw)

Keith Shea 1932-45 (Carl/Haw)

Les Griggs 1933-44 (Ess)

Laurie Nash 1933-45 (SM)

Don Kemp 1936-47 (NM)

Alan Collins 1939-46 (Foot)

Harold Lambert 1940-51 (Ess)

Peter Marquis 1953-58 (Melb)

Neil Crompton 1957-66 (Melb)

Bernie Massey 1960-67 (Melb)

Matthew Connell 1993-2000 (WC/Adel)

Paul Symmons 1994-2000 (WC)

Ray Hall 1999-2006 (Rich)

Brad Fisher 2003-10 (Carl)

Mark Blake 2005-10 (Geel)

Stewart Crameri 2010-17 (Ess/WB)*

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