Victoria Introduces Mask Rules As Covid Cases Rise

Mask up!

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Mandatory mask-wearing is back on the menu for Victorians with the state recording 11 new cases on Wednesday.

Masks are required to be worn once again in all workplaces and secondary schools, as well as in any outdoor setting where social distancing is not manageable from people who are not household members.

Tough Covid restrictions loom again for Victoria

Authorities are also looking at reducing the number of people we can have in our homes and at hospitality venues.

Melbourne University Epidemiologist Toby Blakely has said re-introducing masks is a "total no brainer".

"There's no economic impact on it. It means that we can still get about our businesses, as long as we're wearing the masks. Pretty minor imposition, so something like mass masking is exactly what we do because it doesn't have to much of an impact on us, other than on the virus"

- Toby Blakely


Victoria's COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar on Wednesday emphasised that the coming two days were particularly critical.

"We need to continue to work very closely with our red zone arrivals to make sure these flying embers don't catch light again....As we've always done in Victoria, we will take fast and aggressive action as we think it's appropriate"

- Jeroen Weimar

Victorians are being urged to follow the current restrictions which include mask wearing and using QR codes to check-in.

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14 July 2021

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