Victoria Notches 79 New COVID Cases Amid Concern Over Melbourne’s West

Dozens infectious in the community

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Victoria recorded 79 cases across the state on Friday, with Melbourne's west an area of major concern with 46 of the days tally emerging from the western suburbs. 

16 cases are mystery infectious and only 19 are confirmed to have been in isolation throughout their infectious period.

The Victoria Briefing

Covid-Response Commander Jeroen Weimar said this takes the number of active cases in the west to 150. 

"39 of those are in the City of Wyndham, 81 in the Newport area and 19 associated with the Newport footy club"

- Jeroen Weimar

With numbers still not going down, Epidemiologist Professor Tony Blakely has told 7 we face some tough decisions ahead.

"Stay in hard lockdown and we go down and we attempt to re-eliminate. Could be weeks maybe even another month. The other option is to ease back and go into a stage 3, or softer lockdown knowing that case number will go up, but we catch them at about 300 or 400 as the vaccine coverage goes up"

- Prof. Tony Blakely

In that spirit, of the 830,000 extra vaccine bookings made available on Wednesday, only 9,000 of these are left.

Health Minister Martin Foley said Victorian's are keen to do the right thing.

"This shows a couple of things, firstly hesitancy is not a problem for Victorians who want to come forward and get vaccinated. And the other thing it shows is that we need more supply. We need all the supply we can lay our hands on"

- Martin Foley


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27 August 2021

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