Victoria Records 1503 Cases As New Spray Aspires To Curb Transmission

Common drug on trial

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Victoria reported a rise in cases with 1,503 new infections on Wednesday and six more Covid-related deaths.

There are currently 13,888 active coronavirus cases, with 394 people in hospital, while 70 of those are in ICU and 41 are on ventilators.

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Another 44 people are in intensive care with Covid, but the health Department have confirmed their infections are no longer considered active.

The new cases were detected from a staggering 92,262 swabs collected on Tuesday, while 17,443 vaccine doses were administered at state-run hubs, with more at GP clinics and pharmacies. 

As of Wednesday, more than 92 per cent of Victorians aged over 12 are now fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, a Melbourne trial could see Covid snuffed out.

A common blood thinning agent has been turned into a nasal spray in the hope of preventing Covid transmission.

Lead by Northern Health medical divisional director Don Campbell, and with the support of researchers at Melbourne, Monash and Oxford Universities, the trial will run across 340 Victorian households over the next six months.

Within hours of a positive case, household family members, along with the infected person, will be given the heparin nasal spray or a placebo, to determine reduced transmission.

Expected to be effective against emerging Covid variants, the spray coats the nose but does not go down into the lungs, it is also cheap, easy to distribute and does not require refrigeration.

"It won't matter if a new variant comes along, this drug will block that protein from infecting the cells," Professor Campbell said.

"I'm very confident that we can demonstrate that it will work, and people will be using this before they go to the shops and before they go to school."

- Prof. Campbell

The heparin nasal spray is designed to be complimentary to vaccinations.


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21 December 2021

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