Victoria Records 221 COVID Cases Amid Controversial Dose Allocations

Egg & spoon race

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Victoria recorded 221 new local COVID cases on Wednesday, with 98 linked to known outbreaks.

A whooping 36,716 COVID-19 vaccines were administered during the past 24 hours throughout Victoria, taking the state's total number to 2,680,174.

The Victoria Briefing

It comes after Premier Dan Andrews slammed the Prime Minister for setting Victorians up in crawl compared to the sprint that's happening in NSW.

"Now some don't like to see this as a race, but a race it surely is. What I didn't know is that Premier Berejiklian's in a sprint, while the rest of us are supposed to do some sort of egg and spoon thing"

The Premier got all hot under the collar on Tuesday after discovering that NSW received vaccine doses which had been allocated to Victoria.

“Something like 340,000 doses that haven’t come to Victoria that ought to have,” he said.

“We have seen hundreds of thousands of vaccines that should have come and should now be in the arms of Victorians going into Sydney into GP practices and into New South Wales.”

Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia all received less than their density quota of Pfizer last month as NSW received a bonus supply.

There are now 1,920 active cases in the state.


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8 September 2021

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