Victorian Drivers Are Urged To Stay Safe On The Roads This Easter

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RACV has urged Victorian drivers to keep safe while travelling on the roads for the upcoming Easter long weekend. 

RACV General Manager Automotive Services Jackie Pedersen has suggested travelling tips for Victorian motorists to ensure their safety on the road. 

“There are some simple tips you can follow to help keep you and others safe, such as planning before travelling on unfamiliar routes or breaking up your trip with stops along the way,” Ms Pedersen said. 

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RACA has provided five suggestions for drivers to keep safe while travelling, including applying the free Arevo app to plan routes and save time, and ensuring the car is updated with its service. 

Other advice includes contacting RACV Melbourne Roads with any new road information, breaking up the road trip, and packing a survival kit. 

RACV also recommends that Australians lock their homes tight before heading off for the long weekend.   

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria CEO Bambi Gordon said the simplest thing people could do for home safety would be to get to know their neighbours. 

“Over 60 per cent of respondents to our How safe is my place quiz that says they feel safest have also told us they know their neighbours fairly or very well,” Ms Gordon said. 

Other suggestions for ensuring home safety include keeping car keys and other valuables out of sight, putting locks on all external doors, maintaining good condition on fences, and ensuring houses are well-lit at night.  

“Not only will your neighbours be an extra set of eyes to watch for anything unusual, but you could also look after each other when you go on holidays by offering to collect mail or take the bins in and out.”

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Caitlin Duan

6 April 2023

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Caitlin Duan

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