Victorian Teachers Not Boosted Set To Be Stood Down

Adding to shortage woes

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Despite the end to Victoria's strict vaccine economy, thousands of teachers could be stood down this week over Covid booster mandates.

Around 2500 Victorian teachers and support staff who have not received a third dose of a Covid vaccine by April 28 will be let go, according to the Herald Sun.

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Without a medical exemption, all employees at Victorian schools, including visitors and volunteers are required to be triple jabbed.

A spokesman for Red Union told the Herald Sun, that a court hearing was told that 1300 state school teachers and 1300 private school teachers had not met vaccination guidelines as of December 2021.

“Although some were vaccinated over the holidays, the fact that there is now a requirement for three shots means more teachers are now not meeting the mandate,” the spokesman said.

“We’ve seen the worst of Omicron in this state and there continue to be ongoing staff shortages.

“There is no evidence that staff having a third booster will make any difference,” he said.

It comes as teacher absences due to Covid continue to compound the shortage of relief teachers and casual staff.

In a bid to cope with the shortages, some schools are utilising specialist teachers and principals to covering absences, while others are splitting and combining classes, or redirecting funds.

The pandemic has also seen many teachers choose to retire earlier than they might have otherwise, or make a career change due to demanding circumstances compounded by Covid.

In the end, there is an increasing challenge across Victoria and Australia to entice new staff and casual relief teachers, despite mandates.


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27 April 2022

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