Victorian Tradies Packing Their Tools And Heading Interstate In Record Numbers

Effects of crumbling industry

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New state government figures revealed record numbers of Victorian tradies packed up their tool boxes and headed interstate for work in 2022.

About 451 licensed Victorian tradespeople moved to Queensland and New South Wales for work, sparking concerns for the crumbling construction industry in the state.

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Victoria’s construction industry is already struggling with high costs and supply shortages, either halting or terminating work – those factors forcing tradies to seek work elsewhere.

Originally sparked by the Covid-19 lockdowns, tradespeople have continued to cross the border taking advantage of major incentives by the Queensland and NSW governments. 

Such incentives include the Queensland state government’s Tradies in Paradise scheme which offers up to $1,750 for relocating workers.

Construction for the 2032 Olympic Games and high demand to rebuild homes following the devastating floods across the two states has increased demand for tradespeople.

Queensland Building and Construction Commission figures revealed the state was the top pick for tradespeople relocating, with 275 and 240 people moving up north in 2022 and 2021 respectively.

A five-year record high of 175 tradespeople meanwhile moved to NSW in 2022 for work.

In contrast, 312 tradespeople moved to Victoria from other states for opportunities in the construction industry.

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21 April 2023

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