Voelkel Released From Slammers

Leaves after 4 seasons

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The South West Slammers and import Brian Voelkel have parted ways after three and a half seasons with the club.

Voelkel asking to be released from his contract after a difficult start to the season.

In his final game, the American was called for two technical fouls and ejected from the game, along with fellow import Tyler Livingston following two unsportsmanlike fouls, leaving coach John Triscari to use his youngsters to battle away.

The side also lost Chris Douglas during the third quarter due to an ankle injury.

Voelkel had joined the Slammers in 2015 for one season and combining with Tre Nichols, Trent Worthington, Clive Weeden and player-coach Ty Harrelson, helped the Slammers reach the Men’s SBL Grand Final.

He returned in 2017 and was named All-Star forward of the league, while was named the MVP of the Slammers for 2018.

In his time at the club, he averaged around 15 points, 15 rebound and 8 assists per game and was able to swing games with his competitiveness and fighting qualities.

The Slammers are expected to announce 6-foot 7-inch Drelan Tripplett as his replacement.

Originally from Oklahoma City in the US, Tripplett has played in countries like Portugal, Mexico and Singapore.

6 May 2019

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