Vulnerable Australians Living Off Just $6 A Day

A study by The Salvation Army

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Vulnerable Australians are living on less than $6 a day, new research from The Salvation Army reveals.

As the cost-of-living surges, people are struggling to make ends meet for basic living necessities, leaving them with then little to nothing left to save or spend.

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Surveying 1,700 people, The Salvation Army found 93 per cent of people were finding it difficult to afford basic day-to-day items.

The Salvation Army’s Secretary for Mission Stuart Glover said after paying for food, fuel, health, housing and utilities, Australians were left with just $6.

"Everyone is doing it tough at the moment but for those who were already struggling, the cost-of-living crisis is making it almost impossible for them to survive," Mr Glover said.

"We have seen a significant increase in everyday Australians who have fallen through the cracks over the last year.

"In many instances, we are seeing those who used to volunteer or donate money and time to help the Salvos now coming to us for help.”


Meanwhile, the research found 52 per cent of people are skipping meals to save money and 75 per cent are suffering from house stress.

Households with children are suffering most financially, with 75 per cent living below the poverty line.

Of these, 25 per cent of the households could not afford to take their child to see a doctor or dentist, and 20 per cent are struggling to provide their children three meals a day.

To support Australians doing it tough, this year's Red Shield Appeal aims to raise $37 million to help fund more than 2,000 services across Australia.


The Red Shield Appeal national doorknock takes place on May 20 and 21.

To find out more or to donate, visit The Salvation Army website.

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Tricia Mifsud

16 May 2023

Article by:

Tricia Mifsud

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