WA Government To Trial SMART Drumlines To Prevent Shark Attacks

To be trialed over the next 12 months

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The West Australian government are beginning a 12-month trial of SMART drumline technology to help reduce shark attacks in the region.

The trial will be carried out around Gracetown and will catch, tag, relocate and release sharks over the next 12 months. The same technology have been used in NSW since 2015.

The independent trial will be conducted by Chief Scientist Peter Klinken.

Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly says the trial is needed for WA, as the NSW trial did not provide enough information. 

"The McGowan Government is open to any shark mitigation measure that is backed up by science.

"Unfortunately the information provided by NSW is insufficient, therefore in the best interests of all Western Australians we will conduct our own trial here in WA.

"Consistent with the NSW trial, the WA trial will be a catch, tag, relocate and release program. It is not intended to kill sharks.

"Our trial will be for WA's coastline, specific to our local beaches, using local expertise.

"The purpose of the trial will be to determine the effectiveness of SMART drumlines in reducing shark attacks, and this will be done through an independent scientific analysis of the trial by Chief Scientist Peter Klinken."


In April this year, there were two separate shark attacks off the coast of Gracetown. 

There have been 15 fatal shark attacks in WA since 2000. 


Amber Lowther

15 August 2018

Article by:

Amber Lowther

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