WA Health System At Risk After Survey Finds Doctor’s Moral Has Plummeted

"This creates a toxic work environment"

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A new survey by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has exposed more cracks in our public healthcare system.

More than 600 staff responded to the workplace culture questionnaire with King Edward Memorial and Rockingham among the hospitals experiencing the lowest results.

AMA WA President Mark Duncan Smith says doctors speaking up and contract issues are a big factor.

“We have cases where senior clinicians have raised issues about safety and quality and have subsequently not have had their five-year contracts renewed. This creates a toxic work environment where doctors are orientated toward safety and quality of healthcare delivery, and risk being decapitated if they raise those issues.”

He went on to say that the system is at breaking point and funding is a key issue.

“The budget for this year operationally has been inadequate, as evidence by ramping and the cancelation of elective surgery even in the face of no Covid. The operational budget at the moment for this government for health is inadequate to do business as usual.”

The AMA President said that it’s not too late to fix the problem, but there are people who can fix it, but they need to act now.

“I would like to see all of the boards, the Director-General, and the Minister get together to look at this survey, to look at what’s going wrong, and create a plan that will result in doctors feeling valued and loved.”

The AMA has been calling for permanent contracts for months, and four in five respondents said permanent contracts would raise morale and offer them much-needed job security.

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Triple M Newsroom

28 September 2021

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