WA Police To Join Healthcare Strike Action In Push For Better Pay & Working Conditions

In "month of action"

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Western Australia Police have warned they will not be answering phone calls after finishing their rostered shifts from Monday in a push for better pay.

Police will be joining WA nurses in their industrial action for better wages and working conditions.

The move is part of an ongoing “month of action” by the WA Police Union against the McGowan Government.

The announcement follows action by WA frontline workers who have begun to turn down double shifts.

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As part of the action, police officers have been asked to leave their work phones at the office from the end of their shifts.

“If you use your work phone as your personal phone, turn off all apps and work notifications . . . and do not answer work calls outside of your rostered hours,” WAPU president Mick Kelly said on Wednesday.

Police workers have also been advised to begin “working to rule” from next week which entails workers finishing one task before starting another and taking their scheduled meal breaks.

Police officers will then enter week three of the action where they will refuse to start early and finish late beyond their scheduled hours.

In week four of the action, police will refuse to pick up extra shifts or to fill gaps in rosters in locations that are not their normal place of work.

The union are asking the state government for a five percent pay rise along with boundaries and balance surrounding work and home life such as permission to ignore calls outside of work hours.

The Western Australian Government is yet to respond to the WAPU’s calls for better pay and working conditions.

The government have so far offered a three percent pay rise as well as a bonus $3,000 upon sign up.

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Georgie Marr

20 October 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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