WA Sports Uniforms Now Being Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Mecca Sports to the rescue

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Perth based sports uniforms provider Mecca Sports have announced that, in a first for Western Australia, they're manufacturing team wear for community sports clubs and schools in materials made from recycled plastic bottles.

The unique fabric is called Intercool, and is made from this ecological new polyester fibre. Recycled Polyester (R-PET) is environmentally friendly, cost-effective and safe; the regenerated polyester fibre is made from recycled plastic bottles and performs as well as regular virgin polyester.

Mecca decided to switch to using R-PET in early 2019 and began rolling out the recycled Intercool fabric garments from the start of 2020.

Managing Director of Mecca Sports, Daniel Sadik, says:

"I think everyone in our generation is conscious of climate change and we want to do our part to ensure a future for generations to come. Using R-PET as opposed to regular polyester helps us to keep plastic bottles out of the landfill and our oceans and helps to save natural resources.”

R-PET reportedly uses 70% less energy and 85% less water than regular polyester, and the CO2 emissions from it are drastically lower.

Mecca’s sustainable, custom sports uniforms will be shipping to teams around Australia soon.

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17 February 2020

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