Waiting For Your IKEA Catalogue In The Mail? You'll Be Waiting A While 🤔

Two words... digital download!

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If you're wondering just when you'll be receiving your annual IKEA catalogue in the mail, well, we have some news.

From the Swedish masters themselves...

"For the first time, IKEA Australia has made the decision not to distribute its 2020 catalogue via letterboxes and is instead exploring new ways to bring its contents to customers."

That's right... it's only available via pick up from in-store, or on digital download.

The've also put more focus on providing solutions within the catalogue for us to provide a better life at home, both in, and out of the bedroom.

According to IKEA, the five core emotional needs that IKEA believes are what people mean when they talk about the feeling of home.

  1. Belonging; is about feeling part of a group of people who accept you for who you really are and places that reflect you.
  2. Ownership; isn’t just about deeds and mortgages, it’s about having a sense of control over the space and place you live in.
  3. Security; is about feeling safe and grounded not about the locks on the door.
  4. Comfort; is about feeling content and at ease in your surroundings.
  5. Privacy; is about having control over where and how you can disconnect and reflect.

According to IKEA, this year's incarnation of the catalogue goes at lengths to address those core beliefs.

The digital download for the 2020 IKEA catalogue - right here


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2 September 2019

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