Walkinshaw CEO Reveals Mobil 1 HSV Racing's Key Takeout From 2017

Tim Jackson's Team Goals

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(Tim Jackson - second left. Image: Mobil 1 HSV Racing Team)

Walkinshaw Group CEO Tim Jackson is clear about what his Mobil 1 HSV Racing Team have learned from their 2017 to date.

"One of our main goals is making sure our worst performances improve. We know when we do well, we can compete with the best and we can win.

"But then our worst can be not very good at all.

"So we need to improve our consistency so we can stay up the front.

"This sport is very, very close. There’s fractions of a second in an overall race result. We’ve seen from a vehicle perspective, we haven’t made the progress we would like."

Jackson was speaking exclusively to Triple M from the Mobil 1 HSV Racing Team HQ in Clayton about the team's 2017 and how they are re-assessing their goals. 

"We look back and we were operating mid-pack. But we’ve got to make progress and we’ve seen this in our team for a while: we have a good Clipsal and then we don’t do very well and then we re-arrive mid-season and all of a sudden mid-season our cars are better."

The Walkinshaw Group CEO addressed Adrian Burgess' departure and Matt Nilsson stepping into the role of Acting GM. 

"I’m not going to comment on specifics on what we think is different than before. Everyone is very focused on coming together as a team, getting our technical solutions in place to get the car where we need it to be and collaborating as a team to get the best results.

"There’s a good vibe around the team. These things do have a habit of unsettling a team but I think we’re moving in the right direction.

"I think Matt’s doing a great job of bringing everyone together and showing us where we need to go."

Jackson also said the team's key takeout from this year is that they have to be "single-minded in finding every ounce of performance out of our vehicle. We know we’ve had the tyre change this year and some teams have been able to adapt to that better.

"Even though we’re using a similar set up to last year and we know what that is. We have a new tyre set up and we haven’t adapted to that fast enough."

"We’ve adopted an approach to invest more in our driving and engineering teams so we’re absolutely on it. We cant be complacent about how we develop the car. We always have to be on the development cycle.


Luke Tunnecliffe

23 November 2018

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Luke Tunnecliffe

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