WANTED: Broadband Speed Spies

ACCC investigates broken promises

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The consumer watchdog is looking for 16,000 people to act as 'broadband spies', tracking the actual download and upload speeds we're being delivered by our big promising telcos. 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) investigation is designed to track whether we're being delivered far less than the promises we signed up for. 

Beginning later this year, the ACCC program will see around 4,000 households fitted with hardware-based devices which will track typical speeds on fixed-line NBN services at various times throughout the day and night. 

It's after a more than 117% increase in the number of official complaints to the ombudsman. 

“Australians spend over 4 billion dollars per year on fixed broadband services and currently many consumers are left angry, frustrated, and dissatisfied by services that don’t deliver the peak speeds that are promised,” ACCC Acting Chair Delia Rickard says. 

Ultimately, the program needs 16,000 people to volunteer for their houses to be tracked. 

“The volunteers will be helping to produce accurate, transparent, and comparable information about the quality and reliability of the fixed-line broadband services available in their area. This will lead to more competition and better value for money for broadband services.”

“Speed information is a key ingredient for consumers, and consumers are entitled to expect accurate information about services they buy,”

“The ACCC is currently investigating examples of where ISPs may have misled consumers in relation to their broadband speeds and other issues related to consumer guarantees that may raise concerns under the Australian Consumer Law.”

If you're keen to help, you can sign up HERE

Claire Sherwood

18 June 2017

Article by:

Claire Sherwood

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