Warning: Severe Weather Is Heading For Victoria

Stay vigilant!

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Heads up Victoria!

The weather is forecasted to get a bit wet and wild this evening with heavy rain fall expected across the western and northern warning area late this afternoon and extending northeast early Thursday morning.

The heavy rainfall has the potential to lead to flash flooding, so a flood watch is current for North East Victoria.

As if the rain wasn't enough, there's expected to be damaging winds averaging 60 to 70km/h with some peak gusts of 90 to 100km/h.

The heavily affected areas include Shepparton, Seymour, Maryborough, Mildura, Horsham and Bendigo.

The State Emergency have made the following recommendations:

  • People make themselves aware of any damaged trees which could potentially fall with heavy winds
  • To remain vigilant in fire affected areas for any ash, rocks or debris which may wash down with the rain fall
  • Remain alert in fire affected areas for potential landslides
  • Check for loose outdoor items like chairs and umbrellas
  • Stay away from drains, trees, gutters, creeks and waterways
  • If driving conditions worsen, pull over and stay away from trees, drains and floodwater
  • Stay away from fallen power lines, monitor weather warnings and stay informed.

The next weather update will be issued, 5PM this afternoon.

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Georgie Marr

7 October 2020

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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