Warren Tredrea On The Standard Of Jiangwan Stadium

"Fair dinkum..."

12 May 2017

(Image: Getty)

Fans might have been sceptical about the idea of a footy match played in China.

After flying over, Warren Tredrea certainly isn't.

Tredders spoke to the Rush Hour with Jars and Louie and shared his awe at the quality of the ground.

"This place is amazing," he said on Thursday.

"This, fair dinkum, is as good a surface as Adelaide Oval at the start of the footy season.

"That’s how much money they’ve spent: two full time staff for the last 12 months getting it ready, groundskeepers, and it is absolutely brilliant."

He said the conditions weren't much of a concern, either.

"It's hazy, but you can see clearly over the other side of the ground," he said.

"It's good conditions and it's only going to get better."

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