WATCH | Conor McGregor Allegedly Filmed Punching Old Bloke In Irish Bar

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If anyone was going to upstage Nick Kyrgios this week, it was going to be Conor McGregor.

The MMA star is back in the headlines after a video taken from a CCTV camera in an Irish pub in April this year hit the internet, which allegedly shows him punching an older man.

In the footage, McGregor can been seen standing at the bar, close to a couple of patrons who are seated, before he appears to suddenly lash out.

According to TMZ, the Irish athlete had walked into The Marble Arch on April 6 and tried to buy a round of shots of his Proper Twelve whiskey for everyone in the pub.

They're reporting that it was when one gentleman at the bar refused the drink that McGregor allegedly punched him in the head.


To his credit, the bloke barely reacted at all, while McGregor's minders hauled him out of the bar quick smart.

UFC boss Dana White has since been made aware of the video, telling TMZ Live that "when you're not a regular guy, you're a high-profile guy, and you're a professional fighter, you can't do it."


Words to live by, there.

Irish police are investigating the incident, although they've confirmed that "no arrests have been made to date".

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Deirdre Marie

16 August 2019

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Deirdre Marie

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