WATCH: The Uncensored Version Of Pearl Jam's Jeremy Video

Original released in 1992

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Image: Pearl Jam, Vevo

Pearl Jam have released an uncensored version of their 1992 music video for Jeremy.

The award winning video was re-released last week in association with National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

“The increase in gun violence since the debut of ‘Jeremy’ is staggering. We have released the uncensored version of the video which was unavailable in 1992 with TV censorship laws,” Pearl Jam said in a statement. “We can prevent gun deaths whether mass shootings, deaths of despair, law enforcement, or accidental.”

Watch the video here

The release also comes with a classic 90's era Pearl Jam t-shirt with proceeds going to Pearl Jam's Vitalogy Foundation to support organisations working to prevent gun violence in the United States.
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Cassie Walker

10 June 2020

Article by:

Cassie Walker

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